Hey, Christie Brinkley, What is a “Mostly Vegan” Diet?



According to People Magazine, Christie Brinkley (who looks incredible at 60) credits her amazing body to a “mostly vegan diet, and swears by pantyhose that give her ‘a sense of security’.”

I understand the sense of security you get with pantyhose but I am still troubled when celebrities (or Mark Bittman, for that matter) think they can use the word “vegan” after the word “mostly.” Or, in the case of Bittman, be vegan before six or any other time of day.

Being vegan is a lifestyle. Subscribing to a vegan diet is a commitment. Saying you’re “mostly vegan” is the same as being a “little bit pregnant.”

I am, however, always happy to see the word “vegan” in mainstream media since it helps draw attention to veganism and helps to also draw a line in the sand separating veganism from being vegetarian, but I take issue with these same people talking about a “mostly vegan” diet. I should note here that Brinkley has been vegetarian since she was 13, and that is pretty impressive!

Mostly plant-based. Perfect.

More vegetables and fruits. Acceptable.

Less meat, dairy, and eggs. Great idea.

Just don’t associate the fact that you’re eating better, like your mom always told you, with being vegan. They are not the same.

“Clunk, clunk.” The sound of me stepping off my soap box.

Go vegan.

5 thoughts on “Hey, Christie Brinkley, What is a “Mostly Vegan” Diet?

  1. Yeah…I think “plant-based” is the jump off term when your in it for yourself rather than animal rights etc…. Or she could say mostly vegetarian, they accept anyone , even if you eat meat once a week. Either way she is getting the world out there that plants equals health. Not everyone has to be vegan to help diminish animal food factories….just eat less.


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