How Do Vegans Feel About Groundhog Day? A Facebook Poll.


tumblr_ltol57Ztci1qji7p5o1_500Facebook has some really amazing Vegan groups. I usually post a link to my blog posts on any number of Facebook pages dedicated to being vegan and get some really great traction.

You get a ton of interesting comments and opinions and occasionally posts that seem to make no sense at all.

Today, in honor of Groundhog Day, I thought I would post a question to the “Vegans” group, “What do vegans think of Groundhog Day?” and here are the responses (so far):

“Another use of a sentient being for our selfish, unnecessary entertainment. Inflicting fear, pain and confusion on animals is not acceptable.”

“I personally feel it’s silly and an outdated ‘tradition’ just as the Taiji dolphin killings are. Groundhogs don’t even know what a shadow is.”

“Well, I’m thinking that the woodchuck or groundhog is an orphaned creature. There is an inner circle of people whom adore the little guy and take care of him daily like family. Apparently. I haven’t seen this treatment first hand. But being a fellow resident of PA, this nonsensical tradition doesn’t bring harm to the groundhog. I may be wrong and I’m willing to listen to criticism. Anyhow, Groundhog Day is utterly insane! His predictions are rarely correct. People are weird.”

“What’s Groundhog Day?”

“Every February 2nd bunches of people gather in Punxsutawney Pennsylvania to pull a ground hog out of his hole. The reason for this is to predict the weather. If he doesn’t see his shadow spring will come early. If he does see his shadow we will have six more weeks of winter. The animal is not hurt at all, he might be a little scared but I think they actually take good care of him through the year. It’s a bizarre American thing.”

… and this amazing comment:

“It’s a great movie. I highly recommend it.”

Go vegan.

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