Host your own free-range raw vegan barbecue


This week we had guests from out of town. Inevitably, whenever people visit, the subject of being vegan comes up. People have to eat. One friend who was in the group knows Jen and I are vegan and told us that, while not currently vegan, she tried it once but “her body needed more protein.” Did she really just say that? She then went on to assure us that any and all meat she eats is free range or grass fed. I had my first “I’m one of those vegans moments.”

“They still die in the end.” I responded, causing a look of confusion and concern on her face. “But they live happy lives and that makes me feel better. I like knowing that while they are living, they can graze and spend time in the sun and socialize.” I am paraphrasing but that’s the gist of it.

That caused…

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