Erections Lasting More than a Few Hours, Should be Enjoyed



I know I’ve mentioned this in previous posts (maybe I have a one track mind) but I cannot stress enough the amazing bloodflow advantages of being vegan and how the lifelong benefits are hard to ignore.

Medically speaking, oftentimes erectile dysfunction is a direct indicator (and possible predictor) of bigger health issues. Primarily heart disease. If blood isn’t flowing down there, it isn’t flowing everywhere else. Meateaters experience a much higher rate of heart disease/clogged arteries whereas vegans, as you can probably guess, have little issue in this department. In fact, ever since man first walked erect, fruits and vegetable have been the best natural artery-clearing remedy.

Fruits and vegetables rarely come with a warning label.

On the other hand, there is a SIX-page warning label for Viagra®. Personally, I’d rather have a salad than a heart attack. Also, I just found out that taking Viagra with a curved penis is more dangerous than taking Viagra with a straight penis. That’s hardcore! The warning label alone would be enough to make me eat my veggies.

Want more proof? Why not watch Dr. Greger’s video “Survival of the Firmest” on His image of a limp sausage makes my upright zucchini photo look like a poster for a Disney movie.

While switching entirely to a vegan diet might seem radical for a lot of omnivores (and, as we all know, vegetarians cannot give up cheese … they’re such weiners), I’d personally consider it less drastic than taking a blue pill to get an erection that causes 16% of users to get a headache.

So, there you are with a $10 erection and you still have to say, “not tonight dear, I have a headache.”

Go vegan.

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