Vegan Soup for the Soul


Vegan Chicken Noodle Soup

It has been cold in Upstate New York. Very cold. At one point driving home from Philadelphia late last week, the temperature gauge on the car read -16°F. Literally, it was 16 degrees below zero and that’s not the wind chill. Today it was 1° and we were all taking off our layers and walking around in shorts.

So, what does a vegan do to stay warm when it’s that cold outside? Makes chicken* noodle soup, that’s what. Loaded with brocolli, onions, carrots, elbow macaroni, tofu, garlic, and chicken*. Moist, delicious chicken.*

A big, hot bowl of chicken noodle soup on a cold winter day does the trick. Bet you didn’t know that vegans can eat chicken.*

* The “chicken” in this recipe is from Beyond Meat and it is the perfect substitute for every dish that calls for chicken. Moist, tender, grilled strips of protein that fooled New York Times food writer Mark Bittman on a couple of occasions. Also, I actually know some vegans who won’t eat it because it’s too close to real meat. I happen to LOVE this product and use it in everything. Not only is it good for chickens, it’s really good for humans. Get this:

  • 100% vegan – No meat, dairy, or eggs used.
  • 20g of protein – More than chicken and an excellent, clean source.
  • Gluten free – Most faux meat products use vital wheat gluten.
  • Kosher –  L’chaim!
  • Non-GMO –  We don’t want no GMO in our meals.
  • Cholesterol free – What? Seriously? Like everything else wasn’t enough?
  • ABX & hormone free – Whatever this means … it’s not in there!

Beyond Meat is just one more reason to …

Go vegan.

5 thoughts on “Vegan Soup for the Soul

    • Yes! I am so far behind on updates to my recipe page and I also plan on adding a product review page since so many wonderful products are ending up on my doorstep!

      Thanks for commenting.


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