Garlic – The Stinking Rose



It seems we always have garlic in the house. We are fortunate enough to get most of our vegetables from a friend who has a small farm and she seems to be able to provide us with an endless supply of garlic. This is a very good situation.

As much as we use the garlic, we always seem to have more fresh garlic on hand and it makes an appearance in so many of my recipes. Garlic is not only delicious but it’s also one of those medicinal foods that is so good for you (setting aside the fact that it keeps vampires at bay, because this is obviously the best part of garlic). I love breaking off a clove, smashing it with the side of my knife and peeling away the skin to reveal the soft, light tan insides. Chopped, pressed through a press, or cut in half and added to hot oil to give it that distinct garlic flavor, this member of the onion family always adds depth and character to any dish.

One of my all-time techniques when working with garlic is to roast it. You end up with a creamy, steamy, garlicky butter that can be spread onto baguette or added to any number of dishes. To get started, find a huge cluster of elephant garlic and squeeze off as much of the parchment/outer skin as possible.Then, with a very sharp knife, lay the garlic on its side and cut off the top 1/4-1/2″ of the garlic, exposing the tips of the meaty insides. Then, cut side up, wrap the garlic in tin foil, leaving the top open slightly. Drizzle in good quality olive oil (1 T) and roast in the oven for 20-30 minutes at 400°.

Your kitchen is going to smell amazing and as you take the roasted garlic out of the oven and slide your knife into each section and pull out the soft center. You’ll enjoy this hot garlic on your favorite foods or blended with vegan butter or potatoes.

Go vegan.

2 thoughts on “Garlic – The Stinking Rose

  1. I love garlic. We grow it in our garden, much more potent than the type you get from the store but oh so good. It’s also very good for you since it’s antibacterial, antifungal and has a whole host of other nutrients that our bodies love. I eat garlic in a variety of ways. It something I consume daily raw (which I save for the evenings), I add it to my vegetable juice, and use it in a variety of cooked foods too. 🙂


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