Gluten-free Vegan Spinach Quiche … Anyone?



I promised Ted Allen (of Chopped fame) I would make him my famous gluten-free, vegan, spinach quiche for brunch. Since he wasn’t coming over anytime soon, I made it for Jen instead. As an omnivore, I always was expert at whipping together (pun intended) a delicious morning quiche and now I needed to create the vegan version of it.

Since I had the foundation of my delicious tofu scramble already perfected, it took little effort to add the other required ingredients and spices to create this round masterpiece. It turned out amazing and I’m sure if Ted ever makes it over … he’ll love it, too!

It’s so satisfying knowing that this classic dish can be prepared without eggs or dairy. A healthy and vibrant version that plates beautifully with rosemary rustic red potatoes and a cup of Gimme! coffee.

Recipe to follow on my recipe link above. Or, message…

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