London 2013: A Vegan Journey


London 2013

Jen and I traveled to London this summer for a belated honeymoon (and then Chunneled over to Paris). While there, we got to visit nearly every vegan restaurant in the city and explored many of the streets and sights that were a part of Jen’s high school experience (she attended the American School in London). I have always loved London and this trip was particularly special since we were able to spend so much time together.

While we found so many of the restaurants we visited to be wonderful, we actually fell in love with SAF, which was two blocks from our hotel on Kensington High Street and located on the second floor of the Whole Foods market. It’s always great finding these unknown gems that are 100% vegan (with many GF options).

I would love to one day see a restaurant like SAF located in Ithaca. The menu was fresh and unique — the kind of food I love to prepare. If you’re ever in London, it’s really worth a visit (… and you’ll be just three blocks from Kensington Gardens).

Go vegan.

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