Ethical Vegetarians are like Bigfoot. They Don’t Exist


Before going vegan I really only knew vegetarians, most of which were pescatarians. Now that I’m vegan, I see the hypocrisy.

Most vegetarians cite ethics as their reason for not eating meat. “I am an ethical vegetarian,” they’d boast, eating a cheese omelette washed down with coffee loaded with cream. Or lox with bagel smothered in cream cheese. “I’m a vegetarian but I still eat fish sometimes.” Then they’d go on to talk about how they can’t eat meat knowing what happens to the animals.

What these ethical vegetarians don’t realize, or choose to ignore, is that by eating dairy (including all cheeses) and eggs, they are supporting animal abuse as much as if they were chomping down on bacon wrapped tenderloin.

There is no such thing as an ethical vegetarian.

I think somehow they think that free-range,grass fed, or cage-free means that it’s okay to borrow some…

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