My Sister: The Born Again Vegan



My sister is now vegan. She was vegetarian for a while but had a serious addiction to cheese (more specifically, had a serious addiction to an Italian restaurant). Over time, I think she was seeing, and learning, about how a plant-based diet is not only good for your heart — it’s good for your mind. She read Victoria Moran’s brilliant “Main Street Vegan,” and decided being vegan was for her. I’m so happy that she is committed to being vegan and I know that over time, like me, it will all continue to come into perfect focus.

This week, she started a blog. The Born Again Vegan. A launching pad for her thinkings about being vegan and a place for her to share recipes and ideas and humor about begin vegan (which we all know there is plenty of out there). Please follow her blog and comment on her entries.

I’m not sure how much impact I had on her decision to go vegan but whenever I see someone I know, especially someone I care about, giving it a try … it makes me feel like I am making a difference. Like this is all worthwhile.

And, while he won’t admit I had anything to do with his decision, I also have a follower (in Wales) who recently went vegan after having numerous arguments with me about “no one is vegan.” I am taking credit for Michael becoming vegan … and that makes me feel even more like I am making a difference.

Then, two weeks ago a friend of mine messaged me from out of the blue on Facebook saying she loves my blog and is thinking about going vegan (but is sure her husband wouldn’t but maybe he would). I read and re-read her message. The fact that I wasn’t alienating her with my constant vegan posts and links … the fact that I was getting through to her and she was listening … the fact that, on some level I was inspiring others to stop and to think

I now know I am making a difference.

Ge vegan.

4 thoughts on “My Sister: The Born Again Vegan

  1. perrilove

    To make you feel even better, know that you are likely making a difference to many people who are already veganesque :). You may feel like you are mostly preaching to the choir, so to speak, but you never know what might strike a chord with someone out in there 🙂 You’ve definitely given me lots to think about and I’ve already made changes towards becoming more of a true vegan and less veganesque!


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