Confessions of a Junk Food Vegan


Everyone knows about junk food vegans. Those posers. Pretending to care about their health while stuffing their faces with Oreos and Pop Tarts. Buying movie theatre popcorn with extra “butter.” Wolfing down half a bag of potato chips on the way to Five Guys to buy fries.

These junk food vegans are trying. Trying to maintain their coveted vegan status while gorging themselves with all the decadent treats that are free of meat, eggs, and dairy that they can get their hands on. I happen to know for a fact that they are trying.

Because I am one of them.

Kettle Chips now come in Bacon Maple flavor. Earth Balance just came out with cheese puffs that would blow your mind. Tater Tots for breakfast. Beyond Meat smothered in wing sauce. Vegan cheeses stirred into hot brown rice pasta. Coconut Bliss ice cream doused in Ahlaska chocolate sauce. The list goes on and on.

Are these foods bad for me? You bet. Do I care? I actually do. I’d love to be über healthy with everything I eat but figure since everything I eat is both gluten-free and vegan … I can eat whatever I want.

It has to be better for me than eating meat. Right?

I still can’t figure this out. Is eating this way, combined with healthy, vegetable-laden meals, better for me than my old omnivore’s diet? Let me ponder that as I grab a tortilla shell, fold it over some soy chorizo, smother it in all salsa and guacamole, melt on Follow Your Heart cheddar shreds, sprinkle on lettuce, and Tofutti sour cream and think to myself:

Life short and everyone should …

Go vegan.

7 thoughts on “Confessions of a Junk Food Vegan

  1. I wish oreo’s weren’t vegan! And yes.. kettle cooked chips.. my arch nemesis. I had an easy time giving up meat and animal products for ethical reasons.. but when im the only one getting hurt.. it’s not so bad! Its taken me a while to break the junk food addictions but they still creep in every once in a while. Glad Im not the only one.


    • Gravy. Yes. Gravy. Another weakness. In fact, we are planning a dish-to-pass and each person brings a food of their ethnicity and I am thinking of vegan Swedish meatballs … with YOUR gravy.

      Thanks for commenting! Hope you are well!


  2. The answer to the question you pose in this post is YES!!! Absolutely YES!!! Being a junk food vegan is still way better and healthier than eating animals. I am a firm believer (based solely on anecdotal evidence – ME) that even eating a slightly more junky vegan diet is far better for your health, waistline, and most importantly SOUL than eating a “healthier” animal based diet. So, go ahead – eat your oreos, chips, “wings”, vegan cheese and Coconut Bliss with pride and not guilt, my friend 🙂


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