How to Make a Killing Selling Burritos


How do you make killing thousands of cows, pigs, and chickens seem okay? Be Chipotle.

Chipotle, the national burrito bowl franchise, has developed a clever way to make killing animals seem okay: striking animation set to covers of classic songs sung by brilliant singers.

A few years ago they created an animated short film with a beautiful cover of Coldplay’s “The Scientist” sung by Willy Nelson. The story unfolded on a factory farm where animals are shown caged, abused, sad, and conveyor-belted into burgers. And, now with “The Scarecrow,” they’ve raised the bar even higher.

More filmic. More grand. More visually decadent than “The Scientist,” “The Scarecrow” is set to a cover of the Willy Wonka (Chipotle has a thing for Willys) song “Paradise” and sung by the very-talented Fiona Apple.

A vegan.

Maybe they convinced her to use the song by showing her the first 2/3 of the film? Because that much they got right.

I encourage you to watch this 3:00 video and comment here or read the article on the NPR website and read those comments. The depiction and clever animation depicting “big farm” animal processing and treatment being witnessed by The Scarecrow is spot-on. It allows us to glimpse into just how horrifying the conditions are that lead up to factory-farmed animals becoming food. It is the perfect medium to tell this story.

If only, as in real life, this story had a different ending …

Go vegan.

5 thoughts on “How to Make a Killing Selling Burritos

  1. I should add here that Chipotle is the first, and so far only, national franchise to use the work “vegan” for one of their products/offerings. That is a HUGE step that cannot be ignored. The more mainstream that word becomes, the less cult-like it will be perceived.


  2. perrilove

    And not that I’m defending Chipotle, but aren’t they also one of the first huge fastish food chains to be working on a vegan meat alternative in many (if not all) of their restaurants? I’m pretty sure Gardein is offered at many of their CA locations.


    • Yeah. I actually put that comment in after posting the video (look up). They are using the word VEGAN which I don’t think any other national franchise has dared use. It is such a positive step for us!


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