Unprocessed Vegan Gluten-free Raw Grain-free No Nightshade Dish-to-Pass


Raw soup

On a semi-regular basis we are either invited to, or hosting, an unprocessed, vegan gluten-free, raw, grain-free, no nightshade or tree nuts dish-to-pass potluck. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

There is a regular group of about 20 of us, all vegan, who get together and literally “show off” on how they can take such a ridiculously long list of limiters and create appetizers, entrees, and desserts that all taste delicious. And, unbelievably, we always do.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I used to cook and host dinners a lot. When I was an omni, I would cater to parties of 10 sometimes and put out a spread worthy of a magazine cover. Going vegan, I had to re-tool everything I did to compensate for the lack of so many “meaty” ingredients. It took me almost a year, but now I find cooking as a vegan just as rewarding and exciting as when I centered my meals on something that had to be killed in order to be consumed.

Now, with these potlucks, we get challenged even further. No oils. No salt. No sugar. No potatoes … or walnuts … just pure ingredients that explode with their own flavors combined in such a way that they taste incredible. We’ve had pizza and “spaghetti,” all prepared with this seemingly endless list of conditions. And all amazingly good!

Some of our gatherings we will turn down the notch a little and allow certain ingredients to be used (mostly to keep me, and the kids, interested) but regardless, these dinners prove that not only can humans survive on a plant-based diet … they can thrive and truly enjoy what they are eating.

Try it yourself and …

Go vegan.

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