HappyCow: Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Being Vegan But Were Afraid to Ask


@HappyCow: Everything You Want to Know about Being #Vegan But Were Afraid to Ask - [#GoVegan]

Happy Cow (at HappyCow.net) is the one source for everything vegan (and vegetarian). From blogs to forums to the most complete restaurant guide anywhere, this is the one site (and mobile app) every vegan needs to know about.

From their website:

Our purpose is to make healthy food easy to find and more accessible.

Founded in 1999, HappyCow was created as a public service to assist travelers and people everywhere find vegan, vegetarian, and healthy food. Today, our online community has grown to include members from around the world who are passionate about the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle as a healthy, compassionate, and environmentally sustainable way of living. More than a restaurant and health food store guide, HappyCow is a constant work-in-progress toward becoming the one-stop resource for everything VEG.

I am hoping, one day, they will have me as a guest blogger (hint, hint). The world needs more vegan resources and more sites of interest to the vegan community. And, more importantly, the world needs more happy cows.

Bookmark it, Download it. Use it. Support it.

And, as always, go vegan.

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