“Dolphin Safe” Does Not Mean “Tuna Safe” … [#GoVegan]


Bottlenose Dolphin

Was Tweeting this morning (vegans are known to tweet five or more times a day due to the amount of fiber optics we get) and I came across this headline: “Dolphin Safe Does Not Mean Tuna Safe,” and it made me think about how often consumers are duped when shopping for food. They are led to believe that somehow their choices in what they are consuming is okay.

In this case, who is looking out for the tuna? Or, the other 250,000 species of marine life? And while the dolphin may be “safe” from this one company, they are hardly safe from the other human horrors that they face every day in their waters.

“Free-range” and “grass-fed” are two other examples. However the animal is treated in advance of being tortured and killed makes little difference to the animal. Sure, most animals can’t read (although chimps can use typewriters) so for the meat eater this probably makes a difference over factory-farmed animals but it’s not much of a consolation to the chickens, pigs, and cows it is referring to.

Cage Free” indicates that birds are raised without cages, but does not describe other living conditions. Cage free eggs could have come from birds raised indoors, in overcrowded conditions, and without access to pasture. The USDA has not developed any standards for this label.

“Animal Welfare Approved” means the animals have access to the outdoors and are able to engage in natural behavior. No cages or crates may be used to confine the animals, and growth hormones and subtherapeutic antibiotics are not allowed. Although, surgical mutilations, such as beak-mutilation of egg-laying hens, are prohibited, while others, such as castration without anesthesia are permitted. Not sure if you’ve ever seen video of how farmers castrate baby pigs, but this act alone is enough for me to say I am vegan for life (by the way, the link to this video is so horrifying that you need to sign in and you’re warned in advance of watching it).

“Hormone-free” milk. This is so much better for you than other kind of milk … you know, the kind that contains Casein, a cancer-escalating phosphoproteins. Why doesn’t the milk container mention Casein? Probably because no one would ever buy milk again (which, would be quite a relief to those hormone-free, grass-fed, raped-by-a-farmer dairy cows).

Maybe one day the ridiculousness of this labeling will reach its apex with the rollout of labeling on meat products that reads: “Humanely Killed.” That’s when we’ll know there is little hope left for society.

Avoid labels … go vegan.

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