Will You Marry Me? Only if You’re #Vegan. [#GoVegan]


Will You Marry Me? Only if You Vow to be #Vegan. [#GoVegan]

If you thought romance was passé, all you have to do is look at the Paris lock bridges to see it being displayed in full force. This past May and June, Jen and I celebrated our love, our honeymoon, and our commitment …  locking our love together forever in Paris — the undisputed most romantic city in the world.

The love padlocks have been a phenomenon in cities around the globe, from Belgium to Japan. Here’s the story. Jen and I wrote our names on a padlock and locked it onto the lock bridge in Paris. With a kiss, we threw the key into the Seine River as a symbol of our undying love.

The custom seems linked to a 2006 novel, Ho Voglia di Te (I Want You), by Italian author Federico Moccia, in which two lovers attach a padlock engraved with their names to a lamppost on the Ponte Milvio in northern Rome, then throw the key into the River Tiber. This same tradition is alive in Paris!

Our days in Paris were some of the most memorable days of my life and being with Jen and knowing we are together forever and vegan for eternity, only makes the memories more wonderful. While there (and earlier in London) we visited all the vegan restaurants of Paris and sampled some amazing food and saw some incredible sites. I long to return one day and kiss again on the Lock Bridge.

How is this relevant to MeatyVegan.com? Well, as it turns out, we promised to be forever vegan in our actual wedding vows when we were married last year in Chicago. A lifetime of being vegan and compassionate living together. And, now we are raising our son vegan as well.

Ah … love is in the air when you … go vegan.

4 thoughts on “Will You Marry Me? Only if You’re #Vegan. [#GoVegan]

  1. perrilove

    I don’t just “like” this post. I LOVE IT!!! I love the fact that you two committed to being vegan forever in your wedding vows. And I love that you’re raising your boy vegan. I wish we were vegan before we had our kids, then maybe they wouldn’t be cheeseaholics. We are very slowly converting them, VERY slowly!!


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