Welcome to Planet Vegan [vē’-gun] – Please, Mind the Gap



Welcome to Planet Vegan. The lushest planet in the solar system. A planet where animals live freely among humans, without fear of rape and torture. Planet Vegan, with its clean air and water and lavish vegetation; from its highest mountains to its wettest rain forests, enjoys a peaceful balance with all life forms.

No longer bound to diets consisting of dairy, meat, and eggs, the planet’s ecosystem has stabilized and all life flourishes for millions of species.

With an entire planet of vegans, inhabitants nourished by plants, 10,000,000,000 animals are no longer caged and farmed for their flesh and excretions, eliminating harmful affects on the atmosphere.

And with the elimination of factory farms, Planet Vegan no longer has concerns about animal waste, which in the past, caused dangerous levels of phosphorus and nitrogen in the water supply. In such excessive amounts, nitrogen robbed water of oxygen and destroyed aquatic life. Parity has been restored and all life forms enjoy freedom in their natural habitats; from desert to ocean.

Humans on this planet, who have an average life expectancy of 95, wear clothing made from cotton, linen, and hemp and other natural or man-made materials. Personal hygiene products are all organic and cruelty-free and GMOs have been eliminated.

All zoos and aquariums have been closed and have now become the subject of history books and museum visits.

On Planet Vegan, its human belief system is based on global Ahimsa. A culture that is centered on nonviolence, applied to all living beings; including animals.

It took nearly 4.7 billion years for Planet Vegan to fully form and its inhabitants to create the perfect harmony of all its resources. Evolution works at its own pace.

Planet Vegan is the third planet from the sun. Formerly known as Earth.

Go Vegan.

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