Less Meat. More Vegan. Modern Citrus Fruit Display, Florida


Less #Meat. More #Vegan. Modern Citrus Fruit Display, Florida [#GoVegan]

A lot of people ask me where the idea for MeatyVegan.com came from and I point them to a tiny, three-bay citrus fruit stand in Kissimmee, Florida that my grandfather operated back in 1929.

Out there on Highway 17 at U.S. 192, he used to open the bays at dawn and stay open until sunset. I can remember visiting the stand when I was just a small boy and can still recall how grandpa ate lemons like apples and could juggle three grapefruits without ever dropping a single one.

He used to tell me the story about the day Bonnie and Clyde came by, running from the law as he tells it. My grandpa was out front squeezing lemons as their 1928 Chevrolet rolled up to the stand — having just run out of gas.  According to Grandpa, Clyde Barrow leaned out the car window and said, “Mister … seems we’ve run out of juice.”

To which Grandpa replied, “Well then … let me come to your lemon-aid.”

Grandpa also said that he had never seen anyone as pretty as Bonnie Parker and my grandma reminded him of this comment every day.

Go vegan.

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