Celebrity Vegans I Have Known (or, almost known) …


Since going vegan and since starting this blog I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know many vegan personalities, authorities, and celebrities. Some of whom I’ve met in person and others I’ve “met” online through Twitter, Facebook, or MeatyVegan.com.

Understandably, the vegan community is tightly knit. Or, is it tightly wound? We are all like-minded, compassionate people who have made the connection between animal rights and what we consume (both in terms of foods and other consumer goods). Ahimsa. Plus, we are all benefiting from this diet through excellent health and, I think, a positive life attitude.

So, I present … Celebrity Vegans I Have Known (or, almost known)

Met in person:

  • T. Colin Campbell – I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Campbell twice at Friday Dinner in Ithaca. Very nice man. Looks just like he does in Forks Over Knives. Only taller.
  • Dr. Milton Mills – Met him during Vegetarian Summerfest and got to hear his talk on humans and herbivores. In fact, he used me to demonstrate how he can’t knock me over. Almost started a fight.
  • Dr. Michael Greger – Met briefly at Summerfest and got to see his groundbreaking presentation that now has over 1,000,000 views! Honestly, this is the guy. Hands down.
  • Miyoko Schinner – The undisputed vegan cheese expert. To see how she operates a Vitamix is quite a religious experience. Also, we spent the night in her room (long story).
  • Chef AJ –  She personally challenged me to not eat French fries for 30 days. If I didn’t, she was going to give me a set of her DVDs. I didn’t. But I did eat Tater Tots … so, I still think I lost. Damn you, Tater Tots.
  • Steve-O – Yes, that Steve-O. Met him before going vegan but got to spend the day with him talking about being vegan. Very nice guy. Not a jackass.
  • Mark Bittman – Not a vegan (after 6) but a nice man … and he’s trying.

Interacted online:

  • Ruby Roth – Children’s book author and illustrator. We connect on Twitter and I am a big fan of her work.
  • Dan Bordenstein – Just commented on a blog post today! Couldn’t believe the author of “Steven the Vegan” stopped by.
  • Austin Healey Aries – Professional wrestler and vegan. He picked up a Twitter feed and my readership skyrocketed. Most badass vegan out there.
  • Victoria Moran – Through Facebook and Twitter, I’ve been told she “loves” my blog. Quite flattering.
  • Kristin Lajeunesse – “Will Travel for Vegan Food” traveler and social media expert. Met at Summerfest and have stayed in touch online since. I want to one day star in one of her music videos.

I expect this list to grow over time but am so happy to have crossed paths with these exceptional human beings. Together, we can all make a difference.

Go vegan.

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