You Can Have Results or Excuses … Not Both


You can have results or excuses … not both. This adage applies to all aspects of your life. Whatever you want in life is yours for the taking — the only thing stopping you is you.

For example, if you’re unhappy in a relationship, fix it. If its not fixable, move on.

If you hate your job, change things at work. If they are unchangeable, get a new job.

If you’re a few pounds overweight or feeling out of shape. Start exercising. Even a little bit makes a huge difference. Your mental attitude will improve and your waistline will reduce.

And, if you feel as though you’re staring down the barrel of old age and concerned about your overall health. Go vegan. The number one prescription for excellent health is to subscribe to a plant-based diet and vegetarian is not enough. Dairy and eggs are as bad for you as smoking cigarettes. They really are. Not convinced? Check out T. Colin Campbell’s The China Study.

A 100% plant-based diet can actually turn your health, and life, around. It may seem daunting initially but the benefits far outweigh the sadness you’ll experience never eating “real” pizza again. Or a steak. Mark my words, one day there will be warning labels on meat, dairy, and eggs. It’s proven that a plant-based (vegan) diet will:

  • Assist in healthy weight loss (not so much as a diet, but as a lifestyle).
  • Lower your cholesterol. My sister’s went down over 100 points after two weeks vegan.
  • Reduce the risk of all types of cancer. In some cases, cure it.
  • Extend (ahem) your sexual prowess. How good is that for your overall attitude?
  • Cure your diabetes. Just by eating plants.
  • Reduce your chance of heart disease by as much as 25%.
  • Help you live happy knowing that you’re not contributing to rape, torture and violence against helpless animals.

The list goes on and on. There is an excellent article by James McWilliams about going vegan in the January 18, 2012 Atlantic where the author says, “… the most persuasive evidence supporting a healthy vegan diet is anecdotal. The vegans who frequent Casa de Luz, my breakfast (and often lunch) destination, are paragons of good health. Many of them are significantly older than I am — in their 50s, 60s, and 70s — but they rock on with glowing intensity, looking much younger (in some cases by 20 years) than they are. Every now and then a local vegan hero will drop in — John Mackey (founder of Whole Foods), Rip Esselstyn (pioneer of the Engine 2 diet), a noted musician who will remain unnamed — and we’ll gawk in admiration. The everyday reality, though, is that a dozen or so ordinary people with whom I eat have done extraordinary things as a direct result of intelligent veganism. They’ve conquered obesity, chronic disease, depression, and a host of food-related disorders by exclusively eating an exciting diversity of plants. If there’s one lesson I’ve learned by eating with seasoned vegans it is this: the diet empowers.”

Going vegan will help in all these aspects of your life. Work backwards from your own health and the well-being of all beings and you’ll soon discover that inside you is … you.

Go vegan.

This post is dedicated to Austin Healey Aries, professional wrestler and vegan. Yesterday, he retweeted my link to a post and it spiked more new readers than anything before. I am now a fan.

6 thoughts on “You Can Have Results or Excuses … Not Both

  1. Check Your Privilege

    Meaty Vegan, please take note that the beginning of this blog post speaks to your white male christian heterosexual able-bodied class privilege – there are many more folks in this world who cannot just change or take whatever they want or quit their jobs than there are folks who do have the privilege to have whatever they want in life.


    • Yes. I have privilege.

      Again, I am hoping to inspire and entertain with my blog. Imagine one person reading this who never stopped to think they COULD change … and they do.

      And then they are happy.

      And no matter how poor you are and no matter what color your skin is … happiness is all that counts.

      (there is also an assumption on my part that anyone who has a computer, mobile device, Twitter account, and is able to find an read my blog … they probably can afford to find a job that they love).


  2. I think this is my most favorite blog post you’ve written yet because it is so completely 100% true and sincere. I could go on and on…but no need really. You said all that really needs to be said here.


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