Early Twinkle Records Release Goes to Auction


Early Twinkle Records Release Reveals Old MacDonald Had a Cow - [Go #Vegan]

[TULSA, OK] A rare 1930’s Twinkle Records release that was pulled from national distribution in 1932 has resurfaced this week at auction. Twinkle Records was a product of Premier Albums, Inc. and many of their titles were focused on education and children’s songs. This early recording featured what the songwriter’s referred to as “the truth about farming” and specifically what takes place at a dairy farm. The song titled “Old Mac Donald Raped a Cow” was included on the original pressing and was later removed after numerous parent complaints.

“This is a rare recording,” said Melvin O’Malley, of O’Malley’s Auctionhouse in Tulsa, Oklahoma. “The original 33 1/3 record included a read-along songbook that showed drawings of a happy farmer with his arm up to his shoulder inside a cow. That’s how cow babies are made.” The lyrics continue to mention how “Old Mac Donald lubed his arm,” and “Old Mac Donald knocked her up,” and other references to the practice of artificially inseminating a dairy cow in order to keep her continually pregnant so she will lactate endlessly. The original color songbook is not included in the auction lot.

The long-playing record, which is being sold with no reserve, has an estimated auction value of around $300 but the message is priceless.

Go vegan.

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