At Night I Dream About Chicken Wings


Reblogging one of my first blog posts …

Or, “The Confessions of a Reluctant Vegan”

I think I am experiencing a midlife crisis. I know it’s midlife since I just turned 46 and don’t expect to live much past 90. 90 is a respectable age. As I look back over the first half of my life I bear witness to smoking, drinking, fast living and meat …  lots of meat. Probably if I kept up that lifestyle, my midlife mark would have been at 35. I always thought you spend the first half of your life trying to kill yourself and the second half trying to make up for it.

Lately I’ve been making up for it.

At the beginning of 2012, I was challenged to go vegan. Actually, it was started by my wife and the book, “The 30-Day Vegan Challenge.” She was a gluten-free vegetarian in denial about being lactose intolerant and I was…

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5 thoughts on “At Night I Dream About Chicken Wings

  1. perrilove

    Do you still dream of “real” chicken wings or other non-vegan food? In the first year of going mostly vegan, I used to dream that I ate cheese (or something else non-vegan) and would feel so horrible about it. It would be so real, that I’d wake up thinking I really did it! I haven’t had a dream like that in a LONG time.


  2. perrilove

    Haven’t tried beyond meat yet. Haven’t really had a reason to yet, but Dave’s really into fake buffalo wings. Maybe I’ll buy them for him. What kind of buffalo sauce do you use? The only one I found that was vegan was so spicy, poor Dave’s eyes almost popped out of his head!


    • Wegmans (I know you don’t have one) makes the absolute BEST GF/V wing sauce. Delicious straight out of the jar! I put it on everything. But … the trade off is that we don’t have a Whole Foods! So … I can’t buy Beyond Meat!

      And believe me … I’ve contacted the company MANY times!


  3. perrilove

    Haha! Life is all about trade offs, huh!? perhaps I can convince you to bring some of that wing sauce with you when you come to visit…hint,hint 🙂


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