Carrots are divine … you get a dozen for a dime …



“Carrots are divine … you get a dozen for a dime, It’s maaaa-gic!”

~ Bugs Bunny

Turns out, orange is my favorite color. Has been since I was a kid. Thanks to my mom, I had orange shag carpet and orange curtains in my bedroom. I always loved the color red and always loved the color yellow and orange made it easy for me to love both. Carrots are orange, so I love carrots. Not sure I would love them as much if they were blue. That would look very strange.

Carrots (like the ones shown here) burst with color, which is interesting since they are a root vegetable. 99% of the vegetable is hidden underground, waiting patiently to be extracted, washed, peeled and eaten. Or, used in carrot cake, carrot soup, carrot onion fries, salads, or any of the other 1,000 uses for this colorful food.

Also, if you eat enough carrots, you will eventually be able to see in the dark which would be especially useful if you were an international spy.

Seriously, you want to see how good carrots are for you? Check out this link. Loaded with Vitamins A, K, C, B6, and B3. It reads like a Bingo card. Add in fiber and potassium and you can see why Bugs Bunny was never without his carrot. And what about baby carrots? They’re actually carved out of their bigger counterpart to create those hummus-holding goodies.

So, head to your organic grocer or Farmers Market and grab a dozen carrots! Might cost more than a dime, though.

Go vegan.

3 thoughts on “Carrots are divine … you get a dozen for a dime …

  1. perrilove

    For what it’s worth, I remember hearing something about a chlorine wash companies put on baby carrots (even organic). Personally, I have always thought the baby carrots don’t taste like anything. I’m a big fan of the good, old fashioned REAL carrots. It takes only a couple of minutes to peel and cut them into perfect sticks for which to dip into yummy hummus. And the flavor of real carrots is a million times better than the babies (carrots, that is!).


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