Wheat-free Meat-free Dairy-free Egg-free … Be Free


Why blog? I obviously had something to say and needed a platform to say it in. I’ve always considered starting a blog but never was passionate enough about something to make it happen. A blog about sailing. A blog about cartooning. A blog about blogging. Nothing ever felt right. These subjects all somehow seemed self-serving.

Then, back in June (and 105 blog posts later) it dawned on me to tell my story about my journey into veganism. It was an interesting, and rough, start that I think others could learn from. It began as a challenge, became a bet, and turned into a radical lifestyle change. A blog, this blog, was the ideal venue to let people know that going vegan is as important for your health and the well-being of animals and the world as you’ve been told.

But what people? Who was going to find and read MeatyVegan.com?

I started with links in my already established social media channels: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (and to a lesser extent LinkedIn). If I post links to my blog, to my friends, they will want to read my story … right?

Well, for the most part. I think I have alienated many, many friends with my constant barrage of vegan-this and vegan-that. They really don’t want to think about it or hear about it. The truth is too much for them to handle. They won’t admit this but it could be VERY easily proven if the same number of links I posted had the word “bacon” in them.

They would repost, share, click “like,” and tell me I am the King of Bacon. I could post photos of pigs with an equal sign that points to bacon. And they would LOL. It would be so hilarious every time I said the word “bacon” in a post. I would get such a following. Even Kevin Bacon would “like” me. They would make t-shirts in my honor. Erect a statue (eh eh, I said “erect”).

But, alas, it’s not bacon. It’s the opposite of bacon. My own sister (the one who has yet to go vegan) has started to hate my posts. She was always a brat growing up, anyway.

Then, within the first month a few things started to happen. I got a following. A real, dedicated base of readers who were re-posting and re-tweeting my words. An early post that shot down Mark Bittman’s “VB6” idea got a huge flood of feedback. Another post about vegans dying from a lack of protein still drives a large number of new readers and today, thanks to Vegetarian Shoes in the UK sharing a link about my boots, I am about to see the highest traffic of all time and hopefully will capture these readers into commenting, subscribing, and sharing.

I want everyone in the world to read my blog — it had to start somewhere: and, it started with you.

PS – Please comment. There is a “Leave a Comment” link to the left.

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