The 40-Year-Old Vegan


Okay, so I’m a bit older than 40 but I can’t turn down the opportunity to use a catchy headline and besides, 40 is actually the perfect starting point for a mid-life course change. An opportunity to tack. Sheet in and set sail in a new direction. Go vegan.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the way I was eating for the first half of my life was not going to make the second half go well. Meat, dairy, and eggs were killing me (and they’re killing you, if you still eat them). There will be warning labels on these products one day and then we vegans can say “we told you so.”

At 40, you can look back and reflect on all the fun you had as a kid. The decisive, and still wild, 20’s and the settling down 30’s. You’ve reached a milestone at 40 … congratulations. Buckle up. It’s the point in your life where wrinkles start appearing, spots on your skin come from out of nowhere, your hair starts to turn grey (and growing in strange places) or recede altogether, and your vision changes. It’s like cruel puberty.

It’s also the age where staying fit becomes much more challenging. And keeping the pounds off and the belt in the same notch is even more challenging still. Your metabolism changes. Fact of life. You may be one of the lucky few who doesn’t have to worry about this, and that’s great. Stop reading now and go eat some vegan pizza with an almond milk milkshake. But, for the rest of us …

Going vegan, giving up all meat, dairy, and eggs, is not easy for anyone. Especially older people who have eaten as omnivores their entire lives. But it can be done and the rewards far outweigh the downsides. From a dietary perspective, it is an ideal time to take your health into your own hands (prying it from big meat and pharmaceutical industries). Controlling what goes into your body as fuel and truly feeling the health benefits of how your body uses it. When cancer can be turned off and cured by eating strawberries, I am shocked when I see people still subscribing to the old way of thinking when it comes to food and their health.

Going vegan has health benefits that are undisputed and, quite honestly, miraculous. Eating a plant-based (hopefully organic) diet can save your life. Help you easily (and healthily) shed 20-30 lbs. Lower your cholesterol and keep your arteries wide open .

Then, shortly after you’ve truly begun eating a vegan diet, when you realize you are actually eating more and losing weight … and that vegan food is adventurous and delicious … you’ll suddenly make the connection to the animals. That pigs are not bacon. Cows are not steaks. And chickens are not … oh, actually … they’ll still be chickens. The whole thing starts to make sense. You are living a healthy and compassionate second half of your life. You can look at every meal and know that it is nourishing your body and your soul.

And then you’ll welcome 50 … instead of “pushing it …”

2 thoughts on “The 40-Year-Old Vegan

  1. Truth in your post. At 40 I was reasonably healthy but at 45 and a raw vegan I feel young again. I can bench close to 300, run 10k’s with ease and basically do things I couldn’t do at 20. Those reading this post all I can say is JOIN US… It works for 100% of the people 100% of the time…

    Great post…


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