Vegan. Stranded. Deserted Island. You Know the Drill.


I feel I would be remiss if I didn’t blog about the vegan-on-a-deserted-island scenario that omnivores love to present to us as they pick apart our diet and our lifestyle. Calling us out, they ask: “If you were stranded on a deserted island, would you eventually kill and eat fish and other wildlife to survive?” They ask, with a meat-eater’s grin. “Wouldja? Huh? Well, wouldja?”

I’ve already prepared the best response: “Don’t be an idiot.”

And then I thought more about it. This classic deserted island scenario actually can be reversed. Vegans can take the entire situation, as ridiculous as it is, and throw it right back into their toothpick-needing face. What if they were stranded on a deserted island with no wildlife. Only plush vegetables and fruits. Coconuts and palm leaves and mangoes and berries. A scenario where they, as meat eaters and contributors to the ongoing torture and cruelty to animals, are left with no choice but to eat only fruits and vegetables to survive.

Eating plush plants that provide all the nutrients they need to sustain life. Vegetation and foliage rich in vitamins and minerals. Colorful foods that call out their name, as they sit down to eat the juicy centers. An island that only features plant life. Would these very same omnivores asking us this question, eat only plants to stay alive?

Would they do it? Well, wouldja?

Of course they would … so why do they eat animals now?

Go vegan.

4 thoughts on “Vegan. Stranded. Deserted Island. You Know the Drill.

    • Yeah. There are no grocery stores in either scenario. It was like that story about the woman who bought chicken breasts and FREAKED the freak out when there was a chicken foot in the package.

      As if these are somehow two different animals.

      As a side note, I watched this four-episode reality show called Naked Castaway ( and if you can get over the fact that he ate bugs, fish, and evenutally a wild animal … it was VERY interesting to see how he survived.

      It made me truly appreciate all that I have access to (including fresh water).


  1. It’s an interesting question, and a valid one. My simple answer would be that I just don’t know. I am a great advocate of ‘listening’ to what the body needs, and if my body is in a state of survival, then I will consume what I can in order to survive in accordance with what is available to me. The pecking order would be simple – plants first. Actually, it would follow this pattern – Firstly, Fruitarian. If that didn’t sustain me, then it’d be Vegan. Then Vegetarian. Then pescatarian. Then whatever I can do if all else fails.


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