Medieval Times: Bloodshed, Exploitation of Animals, and Turkey Legs Bigger than Your Head


Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament. A national franchise known for its violent, theatrical portrayal of the days of knights, kings, and wenches.

Medieval Times. Where two-fisted women in overstuffed corsets serve overflowing steins of beer to thirsty audience members shouting obscenities to opposing warriors.

Medieval Times. Where the food, eaten without utensils, consists of piles of rare meat and steaming turkey legs bigger than your head — smothered in gravy and potatoes, fed to overweight omnivores on oversized platters.

Part theme park, part restaurant. It’s every Renaissance Fair rolled into one with all the bloodshed and brutal killing anyone could ask for.

Medieval Times. Men dressed as warriors, mounting their steed, facing off against opponents hell bent on sending the other into the dirt. Galloping, exploited horses mistreated and subjected to dangerous conditions — caged at night. Horses whipped into submission and forced to do tricks and displays for the audience. Falconry demonstrations of magnificent birds that will never again know freedom.

Medieval Times. The antithesis of compassion and nonviolence, and the opposite of animal and human rights. An 11th century castle and coliseum alive with death, welcoming families to witness this carnage since 1973.

Oh, and Medieval Times … announcing this week they’re adding a vegan menu. True story.

Go vegan or die!

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