Kale: Superfood of Superfoods


#Kale: Superfood of the Stars
Before going vegan I never ate kale. Before going vegan, I had never even heard of kale. As far as I know, kale has only been around on the planet for two years. Before kale, there was only Romaine.

Today, I eat kale in some form almost every day. Kale smoothie in the morning and kale salad at lunch. Kale chips as a snack and I even make kale pancakes (recipe here on my recipe page). Finding the right way to prepare and flavor and present this thick, dark, leafy green will pay off … in some amazingly healthy ways.

Kale, brassica oleracea var. acephala, has more Vitamin C than an orange and more calcium than a container of milk. It prevents arterial plaque formation and heart disease. It helps fight cancer. In fact, it protects against both breast and colon cancer specifically.

It’s an excellent, potent source of Vitamin K and Vitamin A and it lowers your cholesterol. It is high in iron and fiber and low in calories and fat.

Kale is, in fact, a superfood and should be a part of everyone’s regular diet.

As vegans, we are often asked if we get enough vitamins and minerals living on a plant-based diet. We do. From one plant.

PHOTO: Gillian Lindstrom

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