Angry Vegetarian Strikes Back – Guest Blogger Michael Bosanko


My name is Michael Bosanko (aka The Angry Vegetarian), and I have a problem. Vegans. Or more accurately, the ‘ethic’ argument made by some vegans. Before I explain, I must first confess that even though I am a vegetarian, I am probably more close to vegan than most vegetarians, and the dairy I consume is obtained from free-roaming animals that are not destined for the slaughterhouse once they have served their purpose. I do not eat eggs, or products that contain eggs. I do not wear leather. I do not keep pets.

How far do you take your ethics?

In my opinion, a true full-on ethical vegan will not be reading my comments, because they will be living off the grid. So … as a vegan, what’s your stance on medicine? All medicine will have, at some point, been tested on animals. I am led to believe there is no exception to the rule here. ALL MEDICINE. TESTED, ON ANIMALS.

What about the stuff you use to wash your hair with, or brush your teeth? Companies can ‘proudly’ boast that their particular product has not been tested on animals … however, what about each active ingredient used in said product? Can we guarantee these individual ingredients/components haven’t been tested on animals?

Let’s now look at the cereal you eat or the vegetables you consume … can you guarantee none of them have faced pesticides or insecticides? When you want to prolong the life of food, do you freeze it? If so, where was your freezer made? Does the company have strong ethical policies when making these electrical goods?

Do you have pets? If yes, then I ask ‘why’? Is the pet bound to your command/whim? Is the pet allowed to be free? Do you keep fish in a tank? If so, why? If we should not interfere or intervene or exploit animals, then is it only right that, of a particular species fails to breed, then we should allow nature to make its natural selection, rather than house near-extinct species in a ‘zoo’, and forcefully encourage them to breed?

Now … you are probably at that point where you’re thinking “What the feck is this strung-up dude on about?”… The truth is, there is no point, other than if you’re a vegan, and you want to impose/impregnate your values onto non-vegans, then please … please … please … please question the very fabric and foundation of your lifestyle choice, because trust me, there will be flaws … many flaws… And when you iron those flaws out, and become the perfect human being, you will have my full, undivided and unconditional attention.

Michael Bosanko live in the United Kingdom. Take one angry veg, one kitchen, a love for food, and a fear of meat and you get the Angry Vegetarian. Want to see some amazing light graffiti by Michael Bosanko that will blow your mind? Click here.

24 thoughts on “Angry Vegetarian Strikes Back – Guest Blogger Michael Bosanko

  1. You knew I had to comment, right? You bring up some interesting points and shed more light on the classic “what is a vegan?” dialogue. As I think you know, to me, being vegan is both diet-based and all about compassionate living. Diet: No meat (anything that has eyes or parents), no dairy (all), and no eggs. Anything derived or excreted from animals.

    On this, being vegan (to me) also includes compassion toward these animals (all living beings). No animal cruelty for any reason. A video was posted yesterday of some white foxes being tortured, killed and skinned for their coats. It was horrific beyond words, So is the treatment of chickens, pigs, and cows (all farm animals, in fact).

    So, am I typing this on a computer that was built in some faraway land by humans who were working in horrible conditions? Yes. Most likely. Do I feel bad about this? Yes. When I think about it. So, I try not to think about it.

    Two years ago I didn’t think about animals. Today I do.
    Two years ago, I ate everything on the planet. Today I don’t.
    Two years from now, will my outlook and level of compassion increase? You bet.
    I am evolving. For the better.

    Today I am the vegan I set out to be. Compassionate. Understanding. Educated. And, above all, healthy.


    PS – Vegetarians are the bisexuals of the world. They want it all. They go both ways. They cite compassion toward animals but cannot give up cheese. It’s all about the cheese. And the eggs. Cheese and eggs.


  2. I don’t do liquid chicken (eggs). I have absolutely no issue with ghee, butter, cheese or milk, just as long as I am super conscious and selective about its source. There is not one bit of my clothing that belongs to an animal. Most, if not all of my clothes I believe are ethically produced, and not from a sweat shop. I guess my Achilles heel will always be where my sugar comes from, the fact that I have to fly or drive a car for my job sometimes. Milk, I have some issues with. Cheese, I have no issues with. I am happy where I source it from. The animals live till they die, free to roam, and are not used for meat.


    • How can you have no issue with cheese when it isn’t even vegetarian? Rennet and/or enzymes are in cheese which comes from the stomachs of unweaned calves.

      On top of that, cows ONLY produce milk because they are kept constantly pregnant. They produce milk because they are forcibly having babies all the time. These new born babies are taken away from their grieving mothers and end up us veal, so that we can drink it’s mother’s milk instead! Dairy is a death sentence for baby cows.

      Also, of course dairy cows are still slaughtered when they become less viable! (ever heard of dog food?) Whether they are factory farmed or free roaming organically raised cows – they are all still slaughtered together in exactly the same terrifying way.


  3. Joel miner

    This is an extreme outlook on vegan ism . Being vegan is about being perfect it is about doing the least harm. Are you sure the farms younger you cheese from are not giving male calls who cannot deliver milk to the veal industry. What about all your appliances and cleaning products. Well yes it an be difficult but there are companies that do not test on animals and re cruelty free and as far as medicine I haven’t needed anything from a Dr other than the occasional antibiotics for thins beyond my control but since I have gone vegan as not vegans I know who research and eat healthy i rarely am sick. Pets is a completely irrelevant argument when being vegan as no vegan I know is treating their pets unethically or abusing them or skinning them or doing anything except trying to improve the quality of life or the pet. I don’t knew any vegans that own fish unless they owned the fish score going vegan but I am sure some exist. Not all vegans are preachy shove it down yor throat types and none that unknown of re inherently hypocritical. Dominoes a cell phone yes was it manufactured in a sweatshop as fr as I know minutes was not. Do I use any products tested on animals no. Unless the companies are lying about it and getting the cruelty free bunny without having been properly inspected. I use all natural products including toothpaste soap and shampoo and mouth wash. Does every vegan live a perfect life? Of course not but again being vegan isn’t about being perfect it is about doing the most good with the least amount of harm we can. Trivializing and placing anyone in the broad spectrum of what you perceive to be the utopian vegan is just as bad as the vegans who labke meat eaters as uncaring sadists. Neither is correct to make the assumption or label.


  4. Joel, it may shock you to read this, but me and you are on the same page. I agree with you. All your points. And my overall point is this; we all have varying degrees of respect/ethics. None of us can claim to stand one feet taller than the next person. What I am constantly finding is that the majority of animal ethical debate comes from vegans. I am not making this up. This is a fact. And often the arguments are in the negative. Again, I am not making this up; it’s all out there, in the public domain for all to see. There really does need to be more focus on the positive aspects of being a vegan (and vegetarian). I do not think we should shy away from the the cruelty that’s out there, but there really does need to be a balance. A proper balance. The life-style and diet should be treated as a wonderful thing, rather than a damned and righteous pseudo-religious-styled shout-wagon.


  5. Joel miner

    I have had this conversation and even posted simile thoughts on the vegan pages. As far as agreeing that many vegans sadly are a little pretentious and approach the discussions in a negative way so do the big industries that lie and give false science to show we need milk or meat to survive and be healthy when most of the current studies coming out that are independent not biased by vegans or PETA anymore then the biased meat and dairy studies show that living a predominantly plant based diet is the best way to live healthy and reduce our impact. Do I wish more vegans especially the activists were more kind and caring in their approach yes of course but I also wish meat eaters were more compassionate and caring in their choices as well. Animal cruelty and compassion aside the scientific evidence just continues to show that vegans(a far as diet) goes are ahead of the game in that department. Is it gloating sure it can seem that way by some but when vegans are constantly bombarded by industry adds and billboards it can seem hopeless and make one angry. Is it my response to act out like Malcolm X no I choose more o a Ghandi-esque approach but in any change that has happened there have been the peacekeepers and the “violent” activists finding the balance as you have said is the key but I think this movement is just in its prime so it may take a while for the key players I.e our Ghandi and our Malcolm X to be found. Currently I think we have to many chiefs not enough Indians but the balance will be found one day. And soon I hope.


  6. Smoking, unfortunately, is an addictive drug, and for millions of people, they are hooked, legally. The trouble is, it’s not sold as an addictive drug; it’s sold as a social habit. If it were discovered today, nobody would allow it. It is such a big revenue maker, that there is no way governments will ban nicotine. If it were not an addictive drug, nobody would smoke, because it’s disgusting. It’s also an entirely different ethical debate.


  7. Space

    How is that “striking back” ?
    Frantically changing the subject is not “striking back”.
    The dairy industry abuses animals, no matter how much abuse is caused all the other things you mention. One does NOT excuse the other. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    And since when do vegans “impose” anything on non-vegans? That’s pure fiction.


  8. Space, it isn’t fiction where I am from, I’m afraid. I’m not one of these people who plucks ideals out of my head to suit an argument. If I site/use anything, it’s because it has foundation. So no. It’s not a fiction. It’s also, in the grand scheme of things, not a problem. But please, don’t tell me it’s a fiction, especially when the truth is on these pages, in black and white.


  9. Michael, I think the difference between you and vegans is intent. Yes, we live in today’s society, which means we unavoidably participate in animal suffering. However, product by product, vegans search and hopefully find alternatives that connect with our values -or we decide to abstain. We understand that we are a work in progress. I can honestly say my intention is to live a life that doesn’t impact on animals, although I know I still have a very long way to go. Your position appears to be to accept where you are and defend it. Not to say that I don’t appreciate that you have thought about your impact on other species and have taken solid steps towards abstaining from those industries you find most egregious. I wish everybody would do this.


    • I think the one thing about dairy (for example) that people overlook is that the cows are raped by farmers and kept pregnant constantly. Whether you’re drinking raw milk, organic milk, grass fed, or free range … they have to give birth to give milk.

      Not to mention that milk is for calves … not humans.

      Thanks for commenting! Check out my other posts.


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