A Vegan Watching Shark Week


Okay, so the title of this blog is an attempt to gain new readers but I actually am watching Shark Week. Admiring the spectacle of these incredible beasts who, from the very moment they are born, are on the hunt.

The biggest and meanest sharks will devour the smaller, weaker sharks. The sharks in the middle spend their awake time (which is always) looking over their proverbial shoulder.

Sharks are carnivores. No two ways about it. They consume any vegetables by consuming smaller fish who ate those vegetables. A shark doesn’t bother seeking out salads and isn’t interested in nori rolls. They want meat and their bodies, 80% muscle, is built to seek, attack, kill, eat — repeat.

The opposite of herbivores and, notably, the opposite of humans.

Very few humans are full-time predators and no human (hopefully) would approach a smaller, weaker human and attack, kill and devour them. Humans are actually not hunter gatherers. Humans, from how they are constructed to the shape of their teeth, are natural herbivores. Humans were never meant to eat meat — at least not in the quantity the meat industry wants us to believe.

Dr. Milton Mills has done extensive work proving this and I had the pleasure of meeting him and listening to his lecture in early July. His evidence is very convincing and he makes a very strong case for humans being herbivores. Need more proof? Watch this.

Humans are equipped to walk, saunter actually, through fields and pastures picking fruits and vegetables. Foraging.

This becomes painfully obvious when you spend a week watching sharks.

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