This is Kimchi, Our Vegan Dog


This is #Kimchi, Our #Vegan Dog

This is Kimchi, our mini poodle mix. We adopted her from the Tompkins County SPCA a year and a half ago (a month before we all went vegan). We are animal rescue advocates and don’t believe in supporting the breeding industry when there are millions of homeless dogs and cats ready to share their love.

Her primary dog food is Natural Balance Vegan formula and we also prepare our own vegan meals and always set aside some for her. She loves brown rice, quinoa, pasta, kale, broccoli, tofu, and just about anything we give her. Since dogs are omnivores (as opposed to cats who are true carnivores), she is a very happy vegan. This happiness is shown by her wagging tail and the smile shown in the photo above.

Unsure about raising your dog (or kids) vegan? Check out this pooch that lived to be 189, the oldest recorded dog!

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