VioLife Vegan Cheese


VioLife #Vegan Cheese

While in London, we were indoctrinated to the Secret Society of Vegans at VeganX near Kings Cross Station. The tattooed owners who welcomed us to The Society, helped us navigate the wide variety of t-shirts, cupcakes, books, snacks, and jerky that were all vegan and gluten-free. They told us the secret WiFi password so we could check-in and check our email. They pointed us toward vegan dining options in London and Paris, but, more importantly … they sold us a package of VioLife (by Viotros). The single greatest vegan cheese ever created.

Shown here is the sliced “original.” We pretty much ate the whole package in one sitting. Naked. Rolled. It was creamy and smooth. It tasted like an expensive Provolone. There are other flavors available but we were in such euphoria after polishing off this cheese — we couldn’t think straight. This was what we’ve been waiting our entire lives for.

Here’s the catch: It’s not available in the U.S. (it’s manufactured in Greece). We vegans need to start some kind of petition. A rally cry. A coup d’état. An online campaign to get VioLife across the pond! Send them a Facebook message. Email them on their website. This is priority ONE for vegans. Drop everything you’re doing right now and help make this happen.

It’s time to take back the cheese!

Go Vegan.


8 thoughts on “VioLife Vegan Cheese

    • Yeah. Daiya IS great on pizza or as part of a quesadilla … this VioLife is delicious on its own. Just as a slice of cheese. Cannot imagine how good it would be in a grilled cheese sandwich!



    Daiya cheddar is pretty decent… Trader Joe’s Vegan Mozzarella Shreds melt great in the microwave… but I’m glad there is hope there will be a TRULY great lineup of vegan cheese in the near future! Thanks for keeping us posted!


  2. Anonymous

    Hey, great review, all your comments are SO true, just one thing: the company manufacturing this heavenly good vegan cheese is called Viotros, not Voitros.


  3. Richmond Mathewson

    I am not a vegan, not even a vegetarian . . . the main thing that is holding me up (apart from my natural urges to eat meat and dairy products) is “the cheese problem”, and Violife isn’t quite cheese, but, by God, it’s probably as near as you’re going to get: I’ve just pigged myself on a 400 gram packet: a serious lack of control for one who thinks that Vegans are unreconstructed weirdos, and vegan food is for nutcases! This stuff is super and I will be “pushing” it like crazy from now on.


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