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I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Michael Greger this past week at Vegetarian Summerfest and hearing his amazing lecture/presentation on the closing night of this five-day vegan event. His insight, data, experience, and advice is presented in such an entertaining and dynamic manner — you could listen to him talk all day.

Promoting a plant-based diet and clearly showing the health benefits of being vegan, Dr. Greger is unlike any other doctor you would ever encounter. An example?

Did you know that esophagus cancer can be reversed and even cured by eating strawberries? Cured. A lifesaving measure that no other doctor would ever tell you about (unless, of course, your doctor owns a strawberry farm).

He shows, through interactive visuals, how we can actually eliminate 80% of all diseases known to humankind; by simply eating fruits and vegetables.

If you ever have a chance to see him in person, clear your schedule now and make an appointment with Dr. Greger.

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