Returned today from Vegetarian Summerfest, the annual convention hosted by the North American Vegetarian Society and am further convinced there is no such thing as VB6, as Mark Bittman might lead some to believe. Being vegan is a 24/7 365 day commitment to so much more than just your diet (although, the health benefits are amazing).

Inspired by talks from the leading experts in the field and fed amazing vegan food all week (which too often included vegan pizza), Summerfest is an amazing five-days that I will remember always.

Some highlights include:

  • Meeting Rae Sikora on the year she was inducted into the “Vegetarian Hall of Fame.” She is a wonderful woman and deserving of the award.
  • Film screening/discussion by James LaVeck and Jenny Stein from Tribe of Heart.
  • Dr. Milton Mills who proves that humans are herbivores. Humans. Are. Herbivores.
  • Chef AJ taught the benefits of an unprocessed diet and personally challenged me to give up French fries for 30 days. We’ll see …
  • Rich Roll went from overweight 40-year-old to super athlete. You’d be amazed at all he has accomplished on a vegan diet (and amazed at his physique … check out his home page).
  • Miyoko Schinner made four incredible vegan cheeses before our eyes and showed us all we can still enjoy fondue! We purchased her book and I plan on making every cheese in it!
  • Cherie Soria amazed us all with her raw foods (and the fact that she looks 40). I am hoping to take her class at Living Light International in California soon!
  • I got to meet fellow blogger Kristin Lajeunesse of “Will Travel for Vegan Food.”
  • Dr. John McDougal caused quite the uproar with his talk about his “Starch Solution.” He might be certifiable but it was a very entertaining and informative lecture.
  • Dr. Michael Greger rounded out the event with his incredible presentation on plant-based health. Bottom line: 80% of all diseases and illnesses can be avoided or reversed by adopting a plant-based diet. 80%!

… and getting to know so many more exhibitors, speakers, attendees, and making so many new friends made this an event I will always remember!

I cannot imagine someone coming away from this event without an entirely new perspective on life and their own health. I look forward to Vegetarian Summerfest 2014 and hope to see you there!

NOTE: The above badge was something we produced before we left for Summerfest to hand out. Want your own Vegan 24/7 365 badge? Message me for details!

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