Grain free revolution


Grain free revolution

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a baking demo at Le Garden Bakery, outside of Ithaca, NY. This 100% gluten free (and getting VERY close to 100% vegan) commercial bakery has developed some of the most innovative mixes available anywhere. And what makes Le Garden most unique is the fact that their flat bread, yeast bread, pizza dough, frozen pizza crusts and all their other wonderful products are GRAIN free.

Grain free.

In 1997, after the birth of her son, Laurie Geis discovered she had to strictly avoid gluten containing foods which, at the time, left very few healthy options available that looked appealing and tasted good. That inspired her to formulate over 50 gourmet, gluten free products and in 2005, she started Le Garden Bakery, creators of gourmet gluten free foods (content from the company website).

Then just last year after Laurie studied at the American College of Healthcare Sciences to learn more about health and wellness and food allergens, Le Garden Bakery, became one of the very first all natural, non-gmo, completely grain free, gluten free bakeries in the U.S. They have figured out a formula that works every time. That’s not an easy thing to do.

I should know. It took me eight attempts to get one good loaf of gluten free, vegan bread to work (recipe here) and MY recipe contains eight different flours and takes all afternoon to make.

During the demo, we made a loaf of bread that would feed a family (we actually used two bags of the mix) and baked in just about a half hour. Steamy, delicious bread with actual air holes and a crispy crust. To make it, simply mix the Le Garden Bread Mix with water and agave and let rise for 10 minutes and bake. Perfect every time. Tonight we made a flatbread (shown) topped with garlic and basil that had soft sections and crispy sections. Cut into strips, we dipped it into marinara sauce and ate it with our gluten free penne. Delizioso!

If you’re gluten free you know how impossible it is to find good bread. If you’re gluten free and vegan, it’s even more impossible. And if you’re gluten free, vegan and grain free … you’ve probably given up. Now, thanks to Le Garden Bakery, you can enjoy all those incredible home made breads you thought you would never eat again. For more information, visit their website.

4 thoughts on “Grain free revolution

  1. Tara

    The link to Le Garden Bakery no longer works and I could not locate them with a Google search. It sounds like such an amazing place, do you know if it is still in business?


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