View to a Kill


Or, “If Slaughterhouses Had Glass Walls, Everyone Would be Vegetarian.”

By now, nearly everyone has heard the quote by Sir Paul McCartney about slaughterhouses and glass walls. I’ll go out on a limb and say Paul meant “vegan.” There is a video on YouTube titled “Glass Walls” that he narrates. I dare you to watch it.

Few of us could deny the fact that if we had to witness the killing and bleeding of every animal we were going to consume firsthand, most of us could not eat them. Let alone enjoy eating them.

If your chicken is “free range,” it’s getting its head cut off — while still alive. One moment it’s pecking around, reading magazines, checking Twitter, minding its own business and the next, it’s shoved upside down into an aluminum funnel where it meets its maker through, hopefully, a sharp knife.

Or, those “grass fed cows” who may enjoy a few years of grazing the hills of Vermont, raising a family and enjoying the view. Standing around until their name is called, led to slaughter and ultimately death with a bullet to the head. Considering this ending, it seems just as cruel, to me, to provide a comfortable life in advance of this demise.

Everyone has their own reasons for going vegan. I was challenged, as an omnivore, to give it a try. In the first few months I started feeling different, better. Through books and films, I became educated to the health benefits of being vegan and it only took a few more months before I began thinking about the animals.

I’ll never forget the day that I looked at a herd of cattle grazing the Pennsylvania hillside and saw them as sentient beings. Cute. Happy. Cows. I was looking at the emotion of the animals as they watched me drive by. Before going vegan, I used to see a field of steaks. That day I saw a group of cows hanging out enjoying the fresh air, mooing to each other, shooting the shit, and munching on the tall grass.

In some countries they eat dog. Actual dog. They raise them to be slaughtered and eaten. Just like pigs. Pigs, who are oftentimes considered smarter than dogs, somehow are the chosen ones for us to eat. This is bacon’s fault.

These dogs are raised, fed, and murdered for their meat. It’s a rather bizarre image. A fenced in dog farm. I’m fairly confident that if alongside the chicken, pig, cow, duck, turkey, and goose frozen at your favorite Whole Foods you could also choose dog … you probably wouldn’t choose dog. So, why choose any of the others?

The arguments against the egg and dairy industries are just as compelling.

Start your vegan journey for whatever reason you like. I personally guarantee your health will improve. You’ll lose weight and your cholesterol and blood pressure numbers will head in the right direction. Medical science has proven that a vegan diet is better for your health.

It’s also better for the health of every animal.

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