What Inspires You?


What Inspires You?

My vegan journey was inspired by my beautiful wife, Jen. She has been gluten-free for ten years (not by choice) and decided a year and a half ago to adopt a vegan lifestyle. I joined her in this challenge and now we have both been vegan since January 2012. I think that having someone supporting you makes a big difference. Each day we learn more about compassionate living and educate each other through our actions.

Jen has also introduced me to countless other amazing experiences throughout our relationship. Through her passion in social justice, I’ve also learned so much about myself. You’re never too old to change. With a little coaxing (I proposed 8 times before she finally said “Yes!”), we married in Chicago July 2012 and included our commitment to being lifelong vegans in our vows.

We recently returned from a two-week holiday in London and Paris where we explored every vegan restaurant in each of these cities (Jen is pictured here at Pousse Pousse in Paris). I love spending time with her and learning from her in so many ways. She inspires me. What inspires you?

You can learn more about Jen from this Sweet Athena blog post from earlier this year:
Sweet Athena Guest Post: Compassionate Eating

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