Mind if I Order the Cheeseburger?


Mind if I Order the Cheeseburger?

My first vegan book review is actually a new release written by a friend of mine. With an authoritative, distinct and clear voice, Sherry Colb answers many questions posed to vegans over the years in “Mind if I Order the Cheeseburger?” Taking questions often-asked to vegans and answering in depth through analogies and supportive argument that would, with good reason, stand up in court.

Sherry is a Professor of Law at Cornell University Law School and one of the many vegans I get to see on a regular basis at Friday Dinner.

“Mind if I Order the Cheeseburger?” is the perfect volume for the vegetarian considering taking that next step as well as the omnivore who may not fully understand the vegan lifestyle. While some chapters read as a deposition, Colb makes her point to the reader and leaves no argument to the completeness of her answers. The book poses an even bigger question: is there a question about being vegan Sherry can’t answer?

The 200-page softcover is worth every penny of the $20 cover price (just $13.50 pre-ordered). Buy for yourself, a vegetarian friend, or as a gift for those people who have asked you if you mind if they order the cheeseburger. Published by Lantern Books and available at Amazon.com.

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