Take Back the Meat


Why Meaty? Well, Veggie Vegan doesn’t have the same ring to it. To me, “meaty” means that something has weight to it. Substance. It also means “prompting considerable thought,” which is what I hope this blog will do. Meaty also lets my readers know that, although I’ve lost 30 lbs. since becoming vegan, I still weigh in at a solid 200 lbs. I’m meaty.

Keep in mind that many fruits and vegetables are meaty. You use the meat of the tomato to make soups and salsa. The meaty part of a mushroom is the thick section that you can chop up and sauté and use to make amazing gravies (served over French fries … one of my vegan weaknesses). The meat of any fruit gets chopped and then pulverized to create delicious fruit smoothies (blend with vanilla hemp milk and some pea protein).

I thinks it’s time we vegans “take back the meat” and reclaim this word! Let the omnivores, standing over their grill, call their steak “dead cow.”

Clever vegan sign off.

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