Questions for Vegans


As I’ve mentioned, every Friday we attend the Vegan Macro Friday Dinner and usually sit with the Vegan Mafia. A group of 20 +/- vegans who, inevitably, end up talking about food. It’s like the saying goes, “how can you tell if someone is vegan? Don’t worry. They’ll tell you.”

During this dinner, I like to stir things up by asking pointed questions about the vegan lifestyle. Many of these people (and their kids) have been vegan for years and are an excellent source of practical information. I’m more interested in asking the questions no one else asks.

Below are a few (and I will add more as I come up with more) that I have asked over the past few weeks. Please comment below if you have your own take on these questions. I would welcome your comments!

  1. Are you vegan if you buy and wear leather, wool, or silk?
  2. If you do purchase vegan and cruelty-free items, does it count if those companies also make and sell items that are NOT vegan?
  3. Should a known vegan publication ever publish a recipe listing dairy/meat ingredients (whether it is published online or in their magazine)?
  4. If you had 30 days to live, would you “take advantage” of that time to eat anything you want? Grab that slice of pizza you’ve been dreaming about?

It was this last question that really caused a ruckus recently. I was actually a bit surprised at how adamant the group was about their stance on this. Let me know what you think!

Clever vegan sign off!

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